Lawn Aeration Calgary

Little do you know that the changing seasons can impact the health of your lawn? That is why our professional Calgary lawn aeration is critical to a healthy lawn.

Proper care and maintenance help keep a lush and beautiful lawn through the seasons. With lawn aeration, pockets or holes are punctured into the grass and soil, helping the roots get the necessary nourishment and sustain nutrients they need.

We offer cost-effective and reliable lawn aeration Calgary services to make the annual lawn maintenance routine a lot easier for you.

Professional Calgary Lawn Aeration

Our professional Calgary landscaping services will help you improve your lawn’s overall appearance and health. 

Lawns often require aeration in the spring and fall seasons. This practice is critical because of soil compaction and thatch buildup. Remember that soil compaction makes roots struggle to get the right amount of oxygen and water and find essential nutrients. As a result, roots become shallow.

We provide reliable aeration services that promote a fair exchange of nutrients, water, and air between the soil and the surrounding environment. In return, roots will grow stronger, leading to thick and healthy lawns.

Benefits Of Our Lawn Aeration Services

Check out the following benefits you will enjoy once you take advantage of our lawn aeration services:

Proper Thatch Management 

Thatch robs the necessary water and nutrients from your grass, which can impact the overall health and appearance of the lawn if left untreated. Our aeration service helps manage thatch build-up by introducing microorganisms that can decompose thatch from the soil to the top thatch layer.

Relieve Soil Compaction

As mentioned above, compacted soil prevents water, fertilizer, and water from reaching the root system, resulting in thinning, patches, or dead spots. Our expert and highly trained Calgary landscaping team will remove the cores of the soil to reduce soil density and relieve compaction.

Increase Nutrient Availability 

With proper aeration, nutrient, water, and air can easily penetrate the soil. Nutrients become available to the turf once they penetrate the root zone. 

Reduce Puddling & Water Runoff 

Our Calgary landscaping services will help you fix puddling or water runoff problems in your lawn after rain.

Why You Should Choose Us

Here’s why you should start working with us now:

Fully Licensed 

Our license to provide lawn aeration services is a testament to our experience and service quality. We assure you that our team is properly trained and uses the right and most advanced techniques to deliver safe and professional results.

Industry Knowledge & Years of Experience

With our combined industry knowledge and years of experience, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will receive high quality lawn aeration services with optimal results.


You do not need to overstretch your pockets just to keep your lawn healthy and looking great. Our aeration services are not only designed to be efficient but also cost-effective. We ensure that you will get the expected results while saving significant cash.

Do not hesitate to work with Calgary Affordable Landscaping for your next lawn maintenance project. We will provide you with an aeration solution based on your needs. Contact us today!

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