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Artificial Turf Installation Calgary

Artificial turf has made amazing improvements in sustainability and quality. It also looks like more natural grass than ever before. If you are looking for a reliable partner in artificial turf, turn to our team for all your turf needs. 

Our Calgary landscaping team always guarantees you’re happy with the services we offer. That’s how we’ve remained at the top of the industry for many years. We pride ourselves on virtually smooth installation. With advanced manufacturing and installation, you can have the appearance of natural grass without the trouble of maintenance and upkeep. Call us today to get a free estimate! 

Benefits of Our Artificial Turf Services

  • It Does Not Need Maintenance of Water

Unlike natural grasses, artificial turf needs no maintenance to keep its lush green appearance—no need for weekly mowing. Just lay the turf in place, and you can forget about it. When autumn leaves fall, sweep them off effortlessly. 

  • The Grass is Pretty Much Greener

Sod and grass will go into a dormant stage in the winter and become brown and unpleasant to look at. If you’re living in an arid region, you might be facing this, as the prevalent drought continues to devastate many regions.

Our artificial turf will stay the same color all year round and look excellent whatever the season is.

  • It’s Eco-friendly

Our product needs no maintenance from electric or gas-powered lawn equipment. That only means that artificial turf is more environmentally-friendly than using natural grass. On top of that, a simple sweeping with a broom will remove most soil or debris from the turf’s tip and have it looking good in no time. 

  • It Will Save You Money

Apart from the cost of monthly maintenance, such as sod, fertilizers, and mowing, natural grass requires water—a huge amount of it. Meanwhile, our artificial turf does not need any of those, freeing you to use thank chunk of the monthly budget elsewhere. 

Why Choose Our Calgary Artificial Turf Services?

We have supplied high-quality artificial turf for residential and commercial applications throughout the area. Our Calgary showroom and warehouse are always stocked with our range of synthetic turf products, and our reliable team is always ready to suggest the ideal grass for your needs.

  • We Guarantee the Best Price

Our buying power means you’ll receive the best price. Other providers’ products might look the same, but if you check their product specifications, you’ll find that the quality of our products is higher. 

  • We Provide Flexible Delivery

Do you plan to install your artificial turf? Then the cost of the delivery within Calgary is included in the overall cost. 

  • We Offer Landscaping Services

Our Calgray landscaping services can help you make your new synthetic grass a real feature and even help you out with necessary approvals. 

  • We Provide Free Samples

We understand that choosing the right Calgary artificial turf for your residential or commercial space can be challenging without seeing it on the ground first. That’s why our showroom is loaded with different artificial turf samples that you can bring away and try before you purchase. 

Ready to buy your artificial turf? We can help you make the best decision for your project. Call us today!

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